Kitchen design as with any design should be a partnership of the client and supplier.

It should be a dance of minds whereby a series of good questions and answers a successful outcome will result in the satisfaction of both partners of the dance. When you decide to embark on the journey to purchase a kitchen you should be prepared for that dance.

You need to be clear of your requirements and priorities, and you should expect that whoever you visit should be asking you incisive questions, and challenge you on your choices. By clearly explaining your reasons your partner will get a better understanding of your wishes. You should be engaging with them and discussing your project in the knowledge that they should be emotionally connected to you. You need to both feel comfortable with each other and in the knowledge that they are adding value to your project.

You are not just buying a kitchen you are investing in your most important asset and it should be viewed as an investment, plus a place that you and your family can work and relax in. So think carefully when following this path, consider all the options available and discuss your project with a number of different companies, choose the company that you feel most comfortable with, who you feel most understands your desires and has emotionally connected to you and has created what you really want.

Give yourself time and don’t be rushed into making a decision, buying a new Kitchen is a major investment and should not be rushed at any stage be it choosing the right company, or the planning stage.

The general rule of thumb for the time scale if you are looking for a supply only Kitchen can be anything from 3 days to 6 weeks dependent on what Kitchen your choose. To supply and install a kitchen the timescale can be anything from 4-6 weeks which again is dependent on the Kitchen you choose, plus the fitters work schedule.

When selecting the Company that you wish to work with don’t forget to do some homework, how long have they been trading? How much of their work is by referral of repeat business? Are they on any testimonial sites such as “Checkatrade” where you can get feedback and images from past customers? This information will give you an insight into the calibre of the Company you are looking at.

A Company that has been trading for many years must have passed the test of time and this would indicate to me that they offer good products at a competitive price with a good aftersales service. Remember that the true cost of the kitchen is not just the kitchen units, worktops & appliances. You need to consider floor & wall coverings, lighting and painting & decorating. Many companies may offer these extras in your overall price so be clear on what you are getting, and if it is not included in your overall cost remember that you will have another cost further down the line…

Enjoy the dance and reap the benefits of a well thought out and designed kitchen.

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