So, where do you start when you want to purchase a new kitchen?

I often get phone calls from prospective customers who ask me to visit their properties to discuss a new kitchen. To be honest my answer is always the same; If you want me to design your kitchen your first move will always be to come and visit my showroom meet the people who work here, understand how we work, see and touch what we can offer before we even consider stepping inside your house.

This may seem like I don’t want to visit anyone who phones up but it is a simple process which enables both the prospective client and my company establish how serious they are in wanting a designed fitted kitchen and also it gives us a real idea of what the client would like before we have even entered their house.

Whilst the client is visiting our showroom we can illustrate different door designs, drawer configurations, worktop ideas and storage solutions many of which they may have never seen and we can also get a feel of what they want to invest in their new kitchen. We are able to provide them with brochures and discuss the differences between worktop types, sink materials and finishes to doors. Only after that visit do we offer them a home visit, now they don’t have to make one there and then we do not want to pressurise anyone to making an appointment it’s not good for the client or my company, the client must feel comfortable with my company after all they are going to be inviting them and potentially their workforce into their house and they want to feel safe and secure in their decision. All this work is done before I even step into you house and I have not designed anything.

So before I enter a client’s house I have a wealth of information and the client hopefully has learnt more and is happy with how we work and more importantly happy about us! I am able to do this as my companies work is not based on numbers but based on working with clients who want to think about their investment not just sit in a showroom and have a kitchen designed in front of them as a series of boxes on walls.

Let’s be honest it is your house, your money and your life so use it wisely choose well and be confident with whomever you wish to purchase from.

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