There are an infinite number of different door styles available today and the style of the door is more of a fashion decision.

When choosing a door the choice can be overwhelming, however there are a few designs that are always popular.

“Shaker Door” are a solid frame with a veneered centre panel and it has always been popular. The new painted varieties of these doors offer great choices with the imitation painted oak doors being a popular choice and affordable. Shaker doors are also known for being a timeless and versatile option and dependant on your choice of colours you can create a dramatic look in your kitchen, how dramatic is up to you…..

“Slab Doors” in both Gloss and Matt are also widely used and can give you that clean contemporary feel regardless of whether you choose the slab versions or the handle less styles. They come in many different textures, acrylic faced, lacquered, melamine, wood effect and laminate and they are available in both Gloss and Matt. The “Slab Door” designs are a smooth canvas that can be customised to suit a range of environments. They are sleek and very easy to clean which is perfect if you have young children in your home.

Even amongst these two basic styles (Shaker & Slab doors) there are a multitude of variations in both texture and colour. You can have timber doors in both styles which can be natural or painted in a myriad of colours which are both Matt and Gloss.

You will be faced with a multitude of door options so choose carefully. Discuss & challenge your designer when they are giving you options and ask them to explain to you the reasons behind each variation that they have suggested, and if necessary to show you other options.

And let’s not forget the extra fittings you will need to frame your doors – plinths, cornices, drawers & runners.

If you are having a door that requires a handle then your choice of handles can alter the whole feeling of your kitchen so ensure you spend some time choosing the right handle. The choice of handles is broad and it may be bar, knob or decorative or you may have selected doors that don’t require handles. A point to remember is not to always go for the handle which is advertised in the brochure with the door you have selected as that was someone else’s choice, not yours…

Your current kitchen may be cluttered due to lack of storage or it may be slightly disorganised. If disorganised this area can be addressed by having cutlery dividers, spice racks or pull out shelves. Lack of storage can be resolved by having baskets, larders, magic corners or the very popular space tower to name just a few. Think about what you are storing away, the space you have available, and what kind of access you need to get to the items as this will help you decide on what you need to be choosing.

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