From concealed breakfast stations to playful pink hues…

Pink kitchens, reeded glass cabinets and freestanding furniture are some of the biggest kitchen trends for 2023/2024.

As the role of the kitchen continues to evolve, bespoke designs, colour preferences and a range of materials and finishes will help to personalise this space that’s become the hub of family activity.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and homeowners are constantly demanding more from this room. A place to cook, eat, work, rest and entertain, we want a stylish space that not only looks good but brings practical value into our daily lives – from clever storage solutions to islands, breakfast bars and more. Homeowners who are looking to renovate, remodel or reconfigure their kitchen want to be the first to know of the latest design trends and how they can integrate these into their own space.

So on that note, here are 10 big kitchen trends for 2023/2024.

1. Playful pinks

While greens and blues still very much have a place on the ‘top kitchen colours’ list, pink is making a comeback. From hot to blush pink, the demand for painted pink kitchens is on the up.

Pair pink cabinetry with white or light grey to soften the space, or for contrast, pair pale pink with darker colours such as black or dark grey to create depth.

Pink, peach and scarlet tones seems to be everywhere right now, this is definitely the colour to watch in 2023 and it chimes with our experience that many homeowners are looking for warm rosy tones that bring joy and are making bolder colour choices that lift the mood.

If you don’t fancy pink cabinets, you could also experiment with pink on your walls. A move towards colour confidence has led to an increasing demand for colour in the kitchen, which is especially useful in an open plan layout to make the look and feel of cooking, dining and socialising spaces feel harmonious.

2. Concealed breakfast stations

2023 is the year for intelligent internal storage solutions, particularly breakfast pantries and clever drawer ideas – the focus here is storage that you can hide away when not in use.

The benefits of a breakfast pantry: They can incorporate your entire morning, from a professional coffee machine, toaster, storage for everyday crockery and a whole host of cereal options for the kids. The best thing is that once you’ve had enough, you can close the doors behind you, concealing all the mess and clutter until it’s time to tidy.

We should pay particular attention to the pocket door pantry, which is a must for every modern kitchen. The unwavering, clever versatility of it is hard not to be impressed by. Not only do you have the initial Narnia’s Wardrobe moment when you open the doors to reveal how much storage space is inside, but the functional possibilities are endless.

You could use it as a breakfast station each morning, neatly tucking the mess of coffee machine and toaster away, yet, at the next evening soiree it can transform into a cocktail bar – simply line the spirits and mixers up, stack the glasses and jars of garnish ingredients above and let your guests help themselves!

3. Freestanding furniture

A move away from the traditional, more and more homeowners are looking to add freestanding furniture into their kitchen designs. While fitted kitchens are unlikely to ever go out of style, the request for freestanding pieces is on the rise. Rather than kitchen islands, we’re seeing an uptake in bakers tables – similar to a kitchen island, but on legs. This freestanding piece makes the island feel like a piece of furniture while still having all of the benefits of a usual island with deep drawers and a place to perch.

And this isn’t limited to kitchen islands either – freestanding larders are growing in popularity too, combining functionality and style.


4. Reeded glass

Reeded glass is back, perfect for adding textural contrast and enhancing depth. Reeded glass is having a full revival and makes a great addition to either glass cabinets, worktop dressers or within the bakers tables. This stylish upgrade gives the kitchen a contemporary twist and is perfect for disguising everyday tableware which isn’t always display-worthy.

5. Mixing metallic

Mixed metals is one of 2023’s biggest kitchen trends, and choosing the right mix can create a statement and focal point in your design. 2023 is a year when we’ll see a lot more blending of different finishes in the kitchen, from brass to bronze, to stainless steel and nickel to many other options, the recommendation is to stick with two or three metal finishes to keep a cohesive look throughout, while also working to a 70/30 ratio. Pick a dominant metal finish (the 70 per cent) and coordinate it with accent metals (the 30 per cent). By sticking to these rules, you can create a visually rich and exciting space.

Mixed metals aren’t confined to one style of kitchen, such as traditional or contemporary, either. There is one final thing to consider when looking at mixing your metals. As a general rule of thumb, don’t choose the same metal but in a different finish e.g. chrome/brushed chrome.

6. Marble effect

Either real Marble or quartz effect marble in kitchen design schemes exude a chic, understated yet refined elegance, and for 2023 we’ll be seeing more colours coming through to create a truly bespoke look.

Natural stones & composites have always been a staple in kitchen design as they not only offer a true sense of luxury and timeless appeal, but they are also durable and easy to maintain if treated properly. Whilst the ever-familiar clean and crisp Carrara and Calacatta veins are still perennial favourites, we are now seeing a move towards embracing a more colourful marble and composites. These natural marbles and composites have a striking presence and a depth of beauty that is totally unique. Often, colours blend, and tones mix across the surface – making each piece seem one of a kind.

Marble and composite materials are still in high demand, it feels so timeless and classic in the finished appearance. Stunningly beautiful and full of character and charm, you can make such an impactful statement applying marble and composites in the right way, or even as a hidden moment within a pantry larder or breakfast dresser.

7. The feature splashback

Splashbacks are taking centre stage this year. Supersize feature splashbacks offer a simple and effective way to add glamour and utility whilst complementing an existing design scheme.

In recent years we have seen the worktop material carried right up the wall up to the underside of the cabinets or shelving. Now we are cutting off the edge of the backsplash and making more of a feature out from it. Adding careful curves and delicate finishes really elevates the sophistication in a kitchen and amplifies the beauty of the stone when you can see it from various angles.

As with other kitchen features, splashback trends change variously over time and recently we have seen more of the feature tile throughout kitchens. Whether this be using bold colours, patterns, surface textures or tile formations, it is the perfect way to inject some charm into a kitchen.

8. Black is back – but with a natural twist

There’s a demand for dark, moody and dramatic kitchens but we’ll be seeing more of a natural twist for 2023. Embracing natural materials helps to pare back an all-black, unapologetically bold kitchen scheme, reducing the drama but still holding impact.

Although this can look striking in the kitchen design, one has to be careful not to overdo it and to combine black with softer colours or natural materials to make the overall effect far more liveable and long-lasting.

9. Accessories to add flair

As a room we spend so much time, it makes sense that we curate it to our tastes, and fill it with treasures. Incorporating additional pieces beyond the main furniture of the space is a fun way to add personality to a kitchen. Antiques, family heirlooms, unique vintage items will become even more popular to intermix with the standard cabinetry pieces.

Vintage dining tables that transform into a central island, wood shelving, and found objects all help to create a unique look.

10. Eco credentials

Sustainability is a huge factor influencing purchasing decisions across the board, and it’s no different when it comes to the kitchen. As expected, a consideration to work with sustainably conscious brands is becoming more prevalent. There’s a focus on how materials are sourced, what materials are used, and how to save money whilst renovating. Sustainability is not a trend – it’s a way of life now for many homeowners and this is something that will continue to develop and evolve over time, as our homes become ever-more environmentally conscious.

Caledonia from Ashley Ann is one of the foremost Eco friendly Kitchen manufacturers in the country, with Solar power, biomass boilers and producing no waste product.

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