One of the first questions potential kitchen purchasers want to know when they contact my Company is ‘ How much does a kitchen cost? This is a very difficult question to answer however I will try my best to explain some general price guidelines.

In order to get some perspective on this I would like you to consider the same question but relate it to the purchase of a car. If you were in the market for a new car you would approach a dealer and ask to see the model you was interested in, and for arguments sake let’s assume it is a Ford Focus.

You would then have the choice of a Zetec Edition at £20,135 which is at the lower end of the market, or a RS Edition at £36,295 which is at the top end of the market. The difference in the price of these 2 cars is reflected in the variations you can choose from, and it is these changes that will increase the price of the vehicle.

The car is still a Ford Focus but now it is personalised to your own specific needs (larger engine, alloy wheels, Sat Nav) and it is this that will impact the price increase and personalise your purchasing experience.

The same rules apply when choosing a Kitchen and it’s how you personalise it that will be reflected in the final cost.


When you have finally decided to purchase a kitchen you will now need to consider all the options you want to personalise your project. Areas you need to start thinking about are design, door styles, worktops, accessories and appliances, bearing in mind that they will all impact the overall price of your kitchen. Regardless of what type of kitchen you choose the installation cost is always based on the total amount of work that is required to complete the project to the clients specification, and this may include as little, or as much work as you require.

All companies will offer an entry range kitchen which is usually a melamine faced door and you will find that even at this entry level there are many variations.

You can choose from melamine faced doors, vinyl wrapped doors, laminated faced doors, lacquered gloss doors, acrylic doors and painted doors which come in many different styles. They all offer various cabinet options and we have found that the final cabinet, drawer boxes, and hinge systems are all very similar with some more superior to other from a construction point of view.

Even at this early stage your decision on the style of door will impact the amount of your investment, not forgetting the principles above are available on all ranges. The price increase comes in if you decide to personalise.


Kitchen 1

Mr & Mrs W- Staplehurst

This was an entry level Alba kitchen in Melamine faced Dakar Woodgrain slab door which had matching cabinets and was personalised with solid surface worktops and the matching cabinets.

This combination of doors and matching cabinets is not available from any of my other suppliers therefore the client’s specification determined the manufacturer.

They also had integrated Bosch appliances, fridge, freezer, oven, dishwasher, hob and extractor with quartz worktops, ceramic floor tiles and an under mounted ceramic sink.

This kitchen cost was £16,014.09 and this included the disposal of the old kitchen but excludes the installation fee.

The installation fee included the removal of all rubbish, plastering, carpentry, tiling, plumbing, decorating and electrical work was paid directly to the recommended Installation Company and was £5,504.00.

This overall kitchen cost for Supply & Install was = £21,518.09


Kitchen 2

Mr & Mrs F – Maidstone

This was a Jigsaw kitchen with a white gloss slab door on white cabinets. It had a Neff oven, hob, extractor fan, “customer specified” integrated dishwasher, under mounted ceramic sink and Quartz worktops.

This kitchen was available across all our ranges but the client’s budget requirements determined that this was the best solution for them.

This total kitchen cost was £10,981.45 and included the disposal of the old kitchen but excluded the installation.

The installation fee included the removal of all rubbish, plastering, carpentry, tiling, plumbing, decorating and electrical work was paid directly to the recommended Installation Company and was £3,746.94 however the floor being completed by others

The overall kitchen cost for Supply & Install was = £14,728.39


Kitchen 3 

Mr & Mrs S – Cranbrook

This was an Alba in frame painted Shaker Oak kitchen in Roofers Lead with dust grey cabinets which included a Bosch oven, combination microwave, warming drawer, tall integrated fridge and freezers, induction hob, extractor fan, dishwasher and Viscount white granite solid surface.

This kitchen showcases one of the top ranges of kitchens (an in frame kitchen) however due to the ceiling height of this kitchen certain units were specially made for this client meaning that many manufacturers were unable to supply this project.

This overall kitchen cost for “Supply Only” was = £24,752.30


Kitchen 4

Mr & Mrs I – Horsmonden

This was a Crown Lifestyle kitchen in grey lacquered gloss J profile door with laminate worktops, integrated dishwasher and a ceramic sink and tap.

This kitchen was a short term solution for our client who wished to modernise the property whilst living in it, with a view to selling it in a couple of years.

The overall kitchen cost for “Supply Only” was = £3,849.10

I hope this gives you an insight into our pricing guidelines and enables you to see if MBK Design Studio is a good fit for you. If so please contact us and we can commence the journey

So the answer to the original question is IT DEPENDS !

Stewart Woodruff

Owner MBK


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