Mirrored Cabinets & Mirrors

There are a large number of mirrored cabinets and mirrors both illuminated and non-illuminated on the market and they all serve a function and your choice must be based on what you want them to provide you, whether it be additional storage, additional light, recharging sockets and mist free areas.

Demister pads are available on many mirrors however only a few are available on the mirrored cabinets. The benefits of having a demister pad is that you will always have a clear reflection no matter how steamed up the bathroom gets.

There is a large selection of mirrored cabinets and mirrors available in many different finishes and sizes so choose carefully and consider your own height when working out what you want. Don’t neglect either just having a cut to size mirror the cheapest option but sometimes it may be just what you need.

You can match the theme of your bathroom perfectly irrelevant of whether it is a modern or traditional bathroom.


And now a look at your final accessories: towel rail, toilet roll holder, soap dispenser/ holder, toothbrush holder, corner shower basket and grab rails will complete your bathroom look.

Again as in the mirrors above there is a huge selection in many different finishes that will complement your bathroom and finish off the look perfectly. Just remember they are for a function so consider what you need and what purpose they will serve.

It is very often the finishing touches that take your new bathroom from GREAT to SUPERB.


Make sure that you include ALL decorating in your designers brief so that the project is completed as nothing looks worse than an unfinished bathroom. We have found that any areas that are not included in the original project spec. for the bathroom invariably stay uncompleted which is such a shame.

A lot of time, energy & money has gone into your project so don’t fall into this trap and let’s not forget that adequate ventilation is also important however in most cases, not a requirement.

Choosing the right colour is essential (not too dark if your bathroom is small) but if you want to make it unique to you and show your personality why not add a striking feature wall and make it a little “different”.

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