Your choice of bath is based on functionality first and foremost and followed by the design and the impact you want from your bathroom.

Baths are now more of a fashion decision, however, there are not many shapes available. They fall into two shapes square or round, and they come in two distinct styles Traditional or Contemporary (Modern).

To help you decide the shape of your bath and to make your decision easier you will need to determine the main use of the bath:

  • Are your family bathers (have young children), or do they prefer showers?
  • Do you need your bathroom to be multifunctional because it’s the only bathroom in the house?

A large number of clients are choosing to replace their Standard Baths with Shower Baths. This is a form of a bath where one end of the bath is wider than the other end. It will enable you to have a larger showering area whilst still only using the same space of a Standard Bath area.

These Shower Baths are very popular, and by filling the shower area end of the bath you will reduce the amount of water needed when bathing.

Corner Baths have lost their popularity over the years as they take up a lot of space and have smaller bathing areas.

Freestanding Baths, Inset Baths, Shower Baths, & Corner Baths (to name a few) are available in many different materials from stone to steel, plus they also come in many different shapes.

Traditional Baths include Boat Baths & Slipper Baths through to Contemporary Baths which include Oval Shaped Baths and Classic Tub shapes.

If you are considering a Freestanding Bath be aware of the space needed, plus the waste situation. A large number of these baths require the waste to go under the floor, therefore I suggest you discuss this with your Designer before setting your heart on this eye popping bath.

Bath Inspiration:

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