As a business that has been open since 1987 I have had a number of customers over those years who have told us that our quotes are too expensive for them.

I completely understand that people need to be concerned of how they spend their money but I feel it is necessary to explain why we will be more expensive that a number of bathroom outlets and individual plumbers and therefore why we may not be the best company for you.

MBK and all its associated installation teams are all VAT registered, this is not a choice but a requirement once your turnover exceeds a certain amount and we have been registered since 1987 and the installers in the last 12 months. You will always pay VAT for any home improvement supply but maybe not the installation.

MBK survey, design, supply and arrange the installation, if required, for all our fitted projects and provide product and services that we are happy to supply.

With our showrooms we can showcase some of the best products available and provide you with a free design and supply service.

Providing the best available comes at a cost, as we only supply product that is tried and tested and with which we have a good partnership relationship. We do not supply unknown brands and product with very limited warranties.

There will always be products available that can be cheaper than ours but generally there’s a very good reason for this and we always hope to provide you with great value for money and after sales service. Now I understand that our product, despite being value for money, may still exceed your budget and I accept that will always happen, but I don’t want clients thinking that I only sell expensive products, we can provide a full range of products at a full range of prices, so I ask my clients where they want their budget to be.

In respect to our arranged installation services we are expensive because we quote for everything and will provide all the trades to complete all the works. You may be able to get these services cheaper if you look around and are prepared to organise the different tradesmen and ensure that each job is ready for the next tradesman. Our installation teams are the only contractor you need to talk to and they will organise the project from start to finish.

All our work both supply and installation is covered by warrantees and you are covered by the knowledge that we are a local firm with a bricks and mortar presence.

If a customer tells me I am too expensive I am not offended I just want to make sure that following my survey that I have faithfully interpreted their wishes, then I know I have provided the correct service.

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