‘I want to design my own bathroom, where can I start?’

Taking matters into your own hands is great! Ensure you’re making use of the wide range of online tools! Before that starts you need to measure up! Precision is key, double and triple check every measurement. Always include any windows and doors, these will affect your design layout along with windows and doors make note of where your power sockets and plumbing are.
When working with a designer like MBK, draw up a rough plan of where everything is right now and, once again, don’t forget to mark out key features. Measure up roughly (most designers will come and measure for you) By having this rough idea, your designer begins to envision your new bathroom space and ideas can begin to flow.

First up, lets look at lighting!

Illumination can make or break a scheme; lighting is essential to plan from the start! Do not look at it as a finishing touch or something that can be put aside for later!
Different lighting can create different moods. Mornings should be bright and practical! Mirror lights can be a great, they don’t cast a shadow over the face, so you can apply your makeup and always get the best results. Evenings may cause a want for a wind down; softer light will be beneficial. This can be achieved through LED strips in alcoves and wall lamps with ‘wash’ effect down the walls.

Layout? Let’s have a look!

Here we need to look at how much upheaval you’re willing to put up with, consider the amount of work that will need to be done.
A change of brassware can make the world of difference and it’s a nice easy change to make. For example, a change to chrome taps for bright, metallic designs. A simple change from standard shower mixer into a statement black fixture can change a bathroom dramatically.
If you do step back and decide you want a complete change in your bathroom. Make a list with everything that works and doesn’t work, what you need and think about how to make the most of the space.
Keep in mind that moving any plumbing will drive up the cost of your redesign (It will also cause a lot of mess) so ensure you’re sure it’s a necessary. Layouts can be improved without having to go this far.
Freestanding baths are stunning and look luxurious- but are you going to make much use of it? Or will it take up precious floor area you could have used for something that’s more practical. If you and your household are more inclined to taking lovely long showers, why not use this space to create a luxurious enclosure instead?

Bathroom maintenance

This sounds so obvious but remember you must clean your new fancy bathroom. So, its important to keep this in mind when choosing materials. Marble and stone look great, but they need a lot more maintenance and specific care, such as sealing porous surfaces than for example hard-wearing porcelain tiles.
Please do not think I am saying to compromise on style. Tiles come in a wide range of hard-wearing materials. Technical innovations also mean it’s easier to find a high-quality marble stele design that looks the part but is much easier to take care of.
Whenever looking at materials, consider their maintenance needs and ask how much work you’re willing to put in.

Have fun when designing your bathroom!

Your space must work for you! It must suit your style and preference in the long term. Don’t let that stop you from choosing bold tiles, if that’s your style GO for it!
Its all about what you like and don’t like, if you want dark and moody, with lots of black and greys go for it! Don’t let current trends stop you. Take influence from anywhere, Pinterest, Instagram, friends bathrooms! Anywhere.
Remember this is your space, as long as you’re happy and feel comfortable in your space, that’s all that matters.

When starting projects like this, everything can be exiting! Even deciding on plumbing can make you giddy.
Getting excited about all the big things can often mean you miss the finer details. Even those who are the most organised among us can miss those little details when swept up in all the decision-making process.
MBK have some wisdom to share that will help you stay ahead and turn your project from start to finish.

Top tip run down!

  •  Make a list of what already works and what doesn’t.
  • Gain as much inspiration as possible from different sources.
  • Have an understanding of what you NEED.
  • Create a space that is practical AND beautiful.
  • Be prepared with measurements and note key fixtures in your bathroom.
  • Have fun! This will be your own space, make it YOU.

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