Most people would let the designer prepare your project for you, but remember this is your house and it must suit your needs, so although the designer may have years of experience designing kitchens they have never worked in your kitchen, so with your input you can really get a perfect project.

So if you are thinking of having a kitchen designed, supplied and installed here are a few questions you should be asking yourselves and your designer to ensure that you really get the kitchen that you need.

What is your mobility like; are you left or right handed

Do you have pets; Cats, Dogs?

Who lives in your house; Couple, family, Retirees, Multi-generational

What are your shopping habits; daily or weekly in bulk

Are you organised do you want zonal storage; Consumables, Non Consumables, Cleaning, Preparing, Cooking

What is your eating style; Family, Formal, Solo, Entertaining

What is your cooking style; Take away, Steam, Bake, Microwave

How functional do you want to be; dividing systems, pull out baskets

What type of kitchen layout will you have; Island, Gallery. L Shape

What is your wish list; Drawers, Handle-less, Soft close, pull out storage, lighting, type of worktop

The good news is that if you have considered all these questions and tried to answer them or have created additional questions then you are on your way to designing a project exactly for you solving all your issues. Now some projects we will have to compromise but at least we have created a wish list which will enable you to create the very best that you can have.

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