Good lighting is crucial. Make sure that you have installed good lighting that can illuminate different areas of your kitchen for different usage.

There is nothing worse than poor lighting in a kitchen, leaving working areas in the dark and also being unable to create mood lighting or having areas with specific lighting.

Operate different areas on separate switches, to enable you to provide differing lighting solutions for different needs.

When you are investing an expensive personal project don’t forget the important finishing touches. Ceiling down-lights are very popular with the new ‘fit and forget’ Led versions offer different types of light, Daylight, natural light or warm white, Daylight is quite a bright light and the natural light is probably the most popular however there are more dimmable down-lights on the market now so you can alter the lighting effects. But don’t forget that even when they are the dimmable variety you may what to light certain areas with a softer light, i.e. a peninsular or island where you will be eating and you don’t want the ceiling lights on, so consider pendants over these areas to give a softer feel.

There are then a myriad of different forms of lighting to light up specific areas of your kitchen; plinth lighting is fast becoming a very popular addition enabling you to just light a pathway without having to put on the main lights, internal drawers lights mean everything is easily seen, under wall cabinet lighting is always popular highlighting specific work areas, under work surface lighting with LED strips create a wow effect making worktops appear to float and lighting in display cabinets showing your finery to its best.

Getting this right is crucial to your final kitchen feel as good lighting creates a great atmosphere and can change the feel of a kitchen, so discuss this with your designer as part of your brief.

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