Always choose the best kitchen appliances you can afford as named brands always add value. Brands such as Bosch, Siemens and Neff inspire confidence and reinforce your pride in your property.

A good looking kitchen appliance always will enhance the space and having a quiet and efficient dishwasher can make a real difference especially in an open plan kitchen.


Consider Induction hobs as a realistic alternative to gas and with the incredible safety features they are really worth considering.They are energy efficient, quick, and safe which makes them an ideal choice for families with young children. If your not sure if your existing pans will work on a hob surface then do the magnet test. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of your pan then you know it is suitable to use on your hob. Also in the range there will be standard electric ceramic hobs and gas hobs, all with easy to clean glass surfaces if required.


An efficient extractor fan is a must in any kitchen. Style & design as well as functionality play an important role when choosing. I would strongly recommend that you look for a model with a low decibel rating as there is nothing worse than a noisy extractor especially where you have an open plan kitchen possibly with a family area.

One of the latest trends are downdraft extractors that sit behind the hob, rising up as & when needed or a Flexinduction Hobs which has a PerfectAir venting system in the middle of the hob which removes any odours at source.


Firstly you need to decide whether you want a free standing oven or a built in oven. I consider Range Cookers are more about making a statement in your kitchen and have seen examples of where customers choose a coloured cooker and make it the central focus of their kitchen, which is then supported by the other appliances.

For a more streamlined look then opt for a “Built in Oven” which can be integrated at eye level for easier use. A popular choice is a “Slide & Hide” oven as there is no awkward door getting in the way and it is a lot easier on the back.

The newest appliance on the market is the Steam oven and these are now getting more adaptable and certainly worth consideration dependent on your cooking requirements. They are also perfect for retaining food’s nutrients and vitamins for a healthier lifestyle.

The combination Microwave ovens are the most popular appliance at present with all its features enabling you to have a streamline built in finish as shown above. The most popular combination is a single oven with a combination microwave oven, instead of the double oven, larger capacity and more functions.

There are many combinations of ovens to choose from, single or double, with Pyrolytic cleaning or with added steam the choice is endless and there is something out their which is perfect for you. Discuss with your designer your cooking habits and he should point you in the right direction.


When choosing your dishwasher give some thought to the amount of place settings you want to cover as this will give an indication as to which size dishwasher would best suit your needs. Most full sized models can cover anything from 12 – 14 place settings however there are slimline versions available which cover 9 – 10 place settings.

Another area you need to consider is water consumption, energy level and noise (dB’s)


By adding a microwave to a bank of built in appliances you will have far more cooking flexibility. If you are unsure which microwave would best compliment your single or double oven then a combination microwave may be the best way to go. A combination microwave oven can grill/ roast and would be ideal choice if you entertain on a large scale or have a larger family to cook for.


When buying a new appliance firstly think about your storage needs – do you buy more frozen than fresh or vice versa? Once you have made a decision on your shopping habits you can then make a decision as to whether you want a 50 /50 split, a tall larder fridge, a separate freezer or if you have the space an American style side by side model.

The next step is to look at the energy efficiency rating as your appliance will be on 24/7 so it is important to choose the most efficient rating where possible.

Remember your new kitchen is an investment so spend your money wisely and buy the best you can afford as it will last.

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