Always choose the “best brassware” you can afford as named brands will always add value.

Brands such as Aqualisa, Marflow, Vado, Ciffal and St James inspire confidence and reinforce your pride in your property. Having a stylish basin tap can transform an otherwise simple basin, and if you opt for wall mounted taps this can add another dimension to your bathroom.

A good looking tap or shower will also enhance your bathroom, and having a functional and efficient shower system which will make a real difference to your bathroom experience.

It is worth remembering that your choice of shower & taps is dependent on your domestic water system.

All domestic hot water systems fall into one of two categories:

A Gravity System: This is where you have stored hot water and a cold water storage tank to feed it.
A High Pressure System: This is either a combination boiler or a high pressure system which is fed by the mains cold water. Depending on which system you already have will have a bearing on the functionality of the brassware you choose.

Be sure to ask your Designer if the product you are interested in is suitable for your system as many products are NOT suitable for a Gravity System. In some cases for your shower to work efficiently, you will require a pump also.

Showers are all about functionality and you will choose one based on what you want it to do with the choice of a fixed head, a flexible kit, or one of the many other variations that are available.

You will also need to consider the space you have so talk to your Designer to ensure that your shower choice is appropriate for the space you have.

We have found over the years that a number of customers (including less mobile clients) are now opting for a wet room type bathroom as a result of changes in their lifestyle and these will need a completely different set of fittings.

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