Make sure that you have installed good lighting as there is nothing worse than poor lighting in a bathroom where areas are left slightly dark. Ceiling downlights are very popular with the new ‘fit and forget’ and the LED versions offer different types of light such as daylight, natural light or warm white.

The warm white is a popular choice for bathrooms which gives subtle lighting, and we have found that customers find it beneficial. With the addition of a dimmer switch, you are able to create different moods which are perfect for a long, hot soak in the bath at the end of a very long day.

You can also create different lighted areas in the bathroom by having cabinets with integrated lighting and “if possible” niches with lighting included which are also very effective.

Make sure that cabinet lighting is functional and suitable for everyday use because some cabinets will provide mood lighting, which is not suitable for putting on makeup or shaving. Wall cabinets and mirrors both illuminated and non-illuminated will provide storage and light, but more importantly, with the number of electrical goods used in bathrooms, you will also have a recharging socket.

Why not be dramatic and make your shower a real feature by adding some lights to your shower cubicle with recesses build into the tiled shower wall. You can choose from stunning blue LED’s to a more subtle soft amber glow.

Remember that good lighting creates a great atmosphere and can completely change the feel of a bathroom.


Let’s not forget the heating as there is nothing worse than a cold bathroom. This is the room where you will be wearing the least clothing and will be wet, so make sure that the room is at a comfortable heat. There’s nothing worse than getting out of a lovely warm shower or bath into a cold room.

Towel warmers in a bathroom are not only functional but they can also be architectural pieces. There is an increasing trend to have statement coloured towel warmers to compliment your other finishes and it’s worth bearing in mind that coloured towel warmers are more efficient than chrome.

Many towel warmers can also be dual fuel and will have summer heating elements which are both standard and thermostatic. This will enable you to have heating in your bathroom during the summer months.

Electric underfloor heating is another great addition to the bathroom for warmth especially on those cold wintry mornings when you have just fallen out of bed. It is relatively inexpensive to buy & fit (around £200 per sqm) and the running costs are 3.5 pence per sqm per day. Conditions vary on this cost plus it is controlled by a thermostat (just like your heating) so it very straightforward to manage.

Your Designer will need to correctly calculate the amount of heat required in your bathroom and base the heating products on this calculation.

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