Don’t forget the floor finish it is the largest area of colour in your kitchen and so it is a very important part of the overall design.

Whatever materials you use for your kitchen flooring, from vinyl sheet to natural stone ensure that it does not compete with the kitchen and it provides a base onto which the kitchen comfortably sits.

Consider that the flooring and the worktops need to co-ordinate as they are both on the same planes and therefore your eye will be drawn to making a comparison to the colours.

If your budget can stretch to natural stone finishes its still the best loved surface and with new sealer technology makes keeping the floor clean and preventing staining very easy and a simple one application project. All natural stone and some porcelain tiles are porous and will have to be sealed and remember sealing the tiles also seals the grout one of the biggest concerns of homeowners, dirty grout.

There will however always be a place for the other variations of kitchen flooring available, ceramic or porcelain, timber, vinyl sheet, vinyl tiles, eg. Amtico, Karndean, Neobo and Polyfloor to name a few and the waterproof floors like Aquastep, Altro and Plus flooring. All of these flooring types have their place in a well-designed kitchen and the decision is often based on wear ability and usage.

The market for flooring has expanded beyond belief and the variations in colour and texture are vast and the durability of some of the products is impressive.

So don’t forget to spend a reasonable time on choosing your flooring as it is these finishing touches that make such a difference in the look of your overall project.

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