A report in the Daily Express in Feb 2022 said that the average price for a property in Maidstone in 2021 was £352,464

They also reported that new bathroom trends could decrease value of home and interior experts have revealed the bathroom trends which could decrease the value of a property, and which home improvements can increase home value. The expert warned “buyers may be put off your property” if a bathroom has this feature.

A recent study by a flooring superstore analysed Right move listings and collaborated with property experts to find out which home improvements could add the most value to a property. Their research found that extensions, loft conversions, new kitchens or bathrooms, real wood flooring, and having a designated home-working space are some of the features that add the most value to a property. The research suggested real wood floors and underfloor heating were most likely to have a positive impact on property prices in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, and Leeds.

However, during the research, the property experts also found which features could potentially “put off” a buyer.
Having a bath in the main bathroom of a property could add two percent to the value of a home. But not having a bath could potentially sway a sale depending on the buyers’ personal preferences.

It is claimed that not having a bath could be a potential “put off” for buyers. In recent years there’s been a trend for wet rooms and shower-only bathrooms and as a result many homeowners have opted to remove their baths completely. While you may like this new look, many prospective buyers may be put off your property as a result.

There is however a reverse argument that if the present home owner has benefitted from this change and allowed them to remain longer in their residence that is a good enough reason and when they leave they really don’t care what the next owner wishes to do and replacing the bathroom is very often something that is done anyway.

A new bathroom adds significant value to a property with an estimated percentage increase of 10 percent.

The experts suggested that homeowners should invest in improvements that add to the square footage of a property. An extension or loft conversion, for example, can add an estimated 17.5 percent to the value of a home, and was named the most likely improvement that significantly adds value.

Home improvements that modernise, improve the condition of a home or add interest also increase the value of a property, e.g. A well-maintained garden, new bathroom, new kitchen, and driveway were all ranked in the top five.

New windows and doors, restoring original features, open-plan living, having a designated home-working space, and underfloor heating also made it into the top 10.

Aspects that added some value included real wood floors, artificial grass in the garden, a balcony, real grass in the garden, approved planning permission, smart home wiring, and having a bath in bathroom as well as a shower.

Bathroom in Marden with BC Designs bath and Roman walk in shower

It was explained which installations homeowners should look to invest in this year in order to increase the value of their home.
Home offices are becoming more and more popular, if the current situation continues and people are told to work from home more often it could increase the value of your home if designed correctly.

Blue Grey and Vincenza Oak

Home improvements and their estimated percentage increase to a property’s value:
Loft conversions / extension – 17.5 percent
Well-maintained garden – 12.5 percent
New bathroom – 10 percent
New kitchen – 10 percent
Driveways – 10 percent
New windows and doors – 8.8 percent
Restoring original features – 7.5 percent
Open plan living – 7.5 percent
Designated WFH space – 7.25 percent
Underfloor heating – five percent
Real wood floors – 4.5 percent
Artificial grass in garden – 3.5 percent
Balcony – 3.5 percent
Real grass in garden – 3.5 percent
Approved planning permission – 2.5 percent
Smart home wiring – 2.5 percent
Bath in bathroom (not just shower) – two percent
Working fireplace – zero percent
Outstanding planning permission – zero percent
Solar panels – zero percent

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